Life Groups

We need God now more than ever, and we need each other now more than ever. 

For the foreseeable future in this pandemic, we will be looking to our Life Groups as the primary point of contact, support, encouragement, service, outreach, and discipleship. If you are in a Life Group--great, stay engaged! If you are not in a Life Group yet, we want you to join one. Nobody needs to walk this path alone. 


Life Groups are one of the best ways to build Christian relationships and grow closer to God. 

Typically Life Groups will meet weekly for about 10 weeks, and will be offered in the winter, spring, and fall, with breaks in between.


How do you choose a group? 

You might choose a group based on location, or shared interests, or simply what works with your schedule. We think chemistry is really important, so folks are encouraged to try different groups until they find a good fit. 


Who are Life Groups for?

Life Groups are for everyone! We hope that our groups will help every person grow in the faith, no matter their starting point. Never read a page of the Bible before? Life Groups are for you! Nervous about praying in front of other people? Life Groups are for you! Do you have big questions about God? You guessed it... Life Groups are for you.

If you have any questions, please contact Kasie Wilson.

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